Expand Your Horizons – New Graduates Find Positions Out of the Lab

Speaking with recent graduates, one would come to believe that science majors have only two available routes: lab work or medical school. The truth is that some of the fastest-growing areas for recent science graduates have been outside the lab, particularly in computer and business-related positions. Expand Your Horizons – New Graduates Find Positions Out […]

More Diverse Work Force Helps Fill IT Skills Gap

As concern grows over the shortage of qualified IT workers, companies are stepping up initiatives to find candidates to fill open jobs. The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), a nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Virginia, has developed a program to create more job opportunities for minority students to help companies overcome this worker shortage. […]

Orlando – Mouseketeers Just Part of the Tale

When you say Orlando, most people think Disney World. And when you talk about jobs in Orlando, people talk about Disney, which employs a veritable “city” of 55,000 people. But Disney is only one job vendor in this booming Central Florida economy. “There’s growth in every direction,” says Philis Intro, research director for the Economic […]

Phoenix – Diverse Economy, Thriving Business Climate

The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce proudly touts the city as “one of the most vibrant and livable communities in the United States.” For decades, visitors have come to Phoenix in search of the myriad recreational activities the region offers, as well as for its dry, sunny climate. Last year, Arizona attracted 25.6 million leisure and […]

Pittsburgh: The Steel’s Gone – Get Over It!

“I been a-workin’ that Pittsburgh steel,” Woody Guthrie sang to a wandering worker in his 1940s song, Hard Travellin’. If he came through the city nowadays, chances are his lyrics would be something like, “I been a-livin’ that Pittsburgh good life.” Once known for its steel industry and little else, Pittsburgh now boasts a number […]

Portland: An Environmental and Manufacturing Hub

lanked by the Columbia and Willamette rivers, and with the Pacific Ocean just 78 miles to the west, Portland, Oregon, is a mecca for those who enjoy outdoor sports, such as: Camping Fishing Hiking River rafting Biking Skiing Wind surfing Portland’s metro area has 37,000 acres of parks, including one of the largest urban parks […]

Princeton – An Intelligent Approach to Life

Best known for the college that shares its name, Princeton, New Jersey, offers more than just a good education. The Township of Princeton is an economically strong community spanning 16.5 square miles in the heart of central New Jersey. It surrounds the 1.85 square mile area of the Borough of Princeton, but the two municipalities […]