Expand Your Horizons – New Graduates Find Positions Out of the Lab

Speaking with recent graduates, one would come to believe that science majors have only two available routes: lab work or medical school. The truth is that some of the fastest-growing areas for recent science graduates have been outside the lab, particularly in computer and business-related positions. Expand Your Horizons – New Graduates Find Positions Out […]

More Diverse Work Force Helps Fill IT Skills Gap

As concern grows over the shortage of qualified IT workers, companies are stepping up initiatives to find candidates to fill open jobs. The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), a nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Virginia, has developed a program to create more job opportunities for minority students to help companies overcome this worker shortage. […]

Princeton – An Intelligent Approach to Life

Best known for the college that shares its name, Princeton, New Jersey, offers more than just a good education. The Township of Princeton is an economically strong community spanning 16.5 square miles in the heart of central New Jersey. It surrounds the 1.85 square mile area of the Borough of Princeton, but the two municipalities […]

Viva Salt Lake City

The glittering, saline-laden lake in northwest Utah may be dead in ecological terms, but its namesake city remains vibrantly alive. Salt Lake City’s more than 173,000 people powered the state’s feverish growth during the so-called “roaring ’90s.” Indeed, the years from 1993 to 1998 saw unprecedented rates of job creation, low unemployment and net migration […]

San Diego: Sunny Forecast Ahead – For the Economy and the Weather

Sunny, temperate California weather is certainly one of San Diego’s attractions. But it offers so much more than its fabulous climate. The city’s growth statistics are currently dominated by telecommunications, software and biotech, with the median age of its young, technology-focused population being 32. Great pedestrian corridors with street-level retail and a crime rate to […]

Seattle – Percolating on the Pacific

Home to Starbucks, a coffee guzzler’s haven, perhaps Seattle’s second quarter 2000 economic results should be called “The Big Gulp.” Greater Seattle can look forward to a percolating economy thanks, in part, to its two largest companies, Microsoft and Boeing. Swallowing a few dregs as though they were double latt├ęs, these companies represent the region’s […]